Dept of Sociology

Over the last seven years, undergraduate students in the region within Malappuram Calicut Wayanad Palakkad and Trissur that mostly remain in the village folks, the department of Sociology played a crucial role in understanding the socio-cultural setting of local communities. The process of establishing Sociology in this college under Calicut University has created its own peculiarity which has opened a bridge between sociology social anthropology, history, cultural studies, psychology, environmental studies and other related disciplines. We strongly believes in the need to reframe the academic environment by effectively inculcating culture of Malabar with ingenuously snubbing thought In this context, through the work of its faculty and the research of graduate students, the Department engendersanatmosphere for the newer formsof knowledge that comprehends and represents the local context with a more authoritative and nuanced voice. The syllabus taught in the department as well as the project carried out by its students reflectoverall vision and our collective commitmenttowards innovation, move beyond untenable stereotypes, and explore a new world of knowledge within the discipline of Sociology.We will strive to offer the best possible and the most advanced and creative teaching program in Sociology in the region. We hope that the three years students spendwith us would be an enriching intellectual experience.the academic output as well as the cultural and social experience we offer will open avenues for our students for further advanced trainingas well as employment opportunities in the public, private and civil society.


Sreejith. K